Contemporary Novelists’ 4 Day Book Fair


Please check out the Contemporary Novelists’ Book Fair between April 19th and 22nd.

My debut novel 'Kilingiri' is available on Amazon Kindle.

My debut novel ‘Kilingiri’ is available on Amazon Kindle.

Review: Anna –
First a confession. I love books (the real paper ones) and always have one on the go. I love turning pages, getting lost in the plot and falling asleep with a book. In principle, I was excited about electronic editions but I couldn’t quite bring myself to reading fiction on a computer screen, even on my lovely Mac.
So when I downloaded Kilingiri on my Kindle for Mac there were two forces at play: the need to read this highly recommended novel, and my reluctance to open a book on a computer screen. But I am so glad I did! You couldn’t tear me away from my Mac! I got totally lost in the beautiful story, vivid descriptions, great characters, and as the story wound to a satisfying ending it left me feeling good and optimistic. I agree with the writer of the review that the book is worthy of the Big Screen. We need to be reminded that love and family and forgiveness can help us overcome whatever life throws at us – and with strength of character it needn’t be all doom and gloom so prevalent in current fiction (and non-fiction).
I’ve also discovered that a good story is as gripping when holding a book or a Mac, I might even consider getting myself a Kindle:) All thanks to you Janna Gray! Well done and I am looking forward to your next novel.

Review: Kim Tutt-Monteith
This is a lovely book and great to curl up with on a cold and rainy day. The story has many twists and turns and will make you laugh and cry and is told with such warmth and attention to detail. A thoroughly delightful book!

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3 Responses to Contemporary Novelists’ 4 Day Book Fair

  1. I simply love this book cover and it is on my tbr list it sounds wonderful. Have a great time at the Book Fair!

  2. Kiru Taye says:

    Great reviews, Janna. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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