Fabulous review For ‘Kilingiri’!

My debut novel 'Kilingiri' is available on Amazon Kindle.

My debut novel ‘Kilingiri’ is available on Amazon Kindle.


Janna Gray really knows how to spin a wonderful tale. Her writing is elegant and beautiful. Not only is her description of India and eventually Ireland enchanting, but the places become so important to the story that it is like its own character. Once you are drawn in by the beauty of the background the story falls into place. We first meet Nina who is an unwed mother during a time that free love is popular but unwed pregnancy is still very taboo. While Nina struggles to overcome the pain of her abandonment she is soon administered another blow by losing her child. It is at this time that she meets Father Michael. She and Father Michael develop a close friendship that soon develops into love. Their love is a forbidden, controversial love that comes instantly with obstacles that only they can attempt to overcome together. It is their love that is ultimately used against them. Though through a wonderful accident Nina becomes pregnant again but only to lose Michael for 17 yrs. After their long separation and a now troubled teenager they have some new obstacles but many of the same ideas on their forbidden love still remain strong. In the end, will love hold together a family or be used to tear it apart?

Nina and Michael’s love story is one that can only be described as epic. They have to go through more obstacles and criticisms about a love that feels so very natural to them. While reading this you really begin to question the idea of those behind organized religion. You will pose the question how can people who profess to love all of God’s children use love as a weapon. Fortunately, our characters of Michael and Nina are strong enough to face these obstacles but even with a second chance and even more issues you begin to wonder if one couple, even one with such intense love, can overcome what they must face. Janna Gray’s Kilingiri was a phenomenal read that tantalizes you with the scenery but really comes through with the characters and the story. You won’t want to miss this book, but be ready to want to travel to the far corners of the world that Janna describes so eloquently.


Many grateful thanks to the wonderful Book Maven for this fabulous review!

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