Kilingiri at Number One on Goodreads ‘Best Books To Read While Travelling’

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Quite by chance I discovered someone  ( I’d love to know who!) had voted for Kilingiri on Goodreads ‘Best Books To Read While Travelling’ and after spreading the news and hinting wildly that a few more votes would elevate the book from its lowly 98th position, I was gobsmacked by the response.  Kilingiri has been sitting pretty at the top for a few days now and so delighted was I, I sent a photo of the chart to my mother to prove that the hassles she went to to vote was a huge help!

Kilingiri is an ideal traveller’s book as the story crosses two continents – Asia and Europe – and introduces or reminds readers of their experiences in the countries in which the plot unfolds. I went to school in India, visited Kashmir, Ireland and France and lived in Singapore and Hong Kong so I was able to draw on my memories of these locations  and backed them up with photographs ( sadly now faded … they were taken in the pre-digital era!) and diaries.  When writing, I loved describing the locations; it was like a huge trip down memory lane when my husband and I looked through the photo albums and remembered our wonderful holidays in some amazing places.

Feedback from readers has been marvellous – ‘This is a beautiful painting of a book, its exotic location magnificently woven…’, ‘The descriptions of the areas the book is set in immediately transports you there.’ ‘Janna Gray’s Kilingiri was a phenomenal read that tantalizes you with the scenery but really comes through with the characters and the story. You won’t want to miss this book, but be ready to want to travel to the far corners of the world that Janna describes so eloquently.’

I am aware that tomorrow or in a week’s time, another wonderful author’s wonderful work will topple Kilingiri off the top spot, but the thrill while it lasted has been brilliant. I am so grateful to the lovely people who took time out of their busy lives to vote for the book, especially the ones who are not technical and spent ages struggling to register their choice! Writers, particularly those new to the world of publishers and bookshops, Kindles, Nooks and Smashwords thrive on support and praise and I feel doubly blessed and very grateful that Kilingiri has been validated so wonderfully these past few days.









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