Promotion for ‘Kilingiri’ by Mythical Books and AYW Tours



Kilingiri’ will appeal to readers who enjoy sagas with elements of romance, mystery and drama, loss and gain, religion and redemption played out in exotic locations over a timespan of thirty years. It addresses the issues of celibacy within the Catholic church, the heartbreak of rejection and separation, the difficulties of raising a child as a single parent, the effects of post natal depression on a marriage and the family, the healing power of forgiveness, and culminates in what we all dream of … a happy ever after scenario
Overwhelmed by a sudden urge to swim, she peeled off her kaftan and slid into the stream, gasping when the water numbed her legs. Lowering her body until just her head remained above the water – it was much colder than she’d expected, given that the weather was gloriously warm during the day – she swam back and forth, rolling like a porpoise, kicking aside the fronds of feathery water weed that clung to her legs. Floating, arms outstretched, she admired the way her skin appeared luminous when the moon slid from behind silver-grey clouds, and as she relaxed, the evening’s tension was replaced with a sense of calm until the soft, swishing of the long grass alerted her to the presence of someone, or heaven forbid, a wild animal, heading towards the stream. Dry ground suddenly seemed as distant as the moon as she waded toward the bank, kicking frantically when weeds clung like ropes to her legs, impeding her progress towards decency.
Trembling with cold, eyes searching frantically for her discarded clothing, she realised she’d drifted quite a way down stream and began to wade back to where she’d started, her feet making sucking, slurping sounds as she trudged through the viscous mud.
A plume of smoke betrayed the presence of a lone figure sitting on a grassy tussock, shrouded in shadow. That’s all I need now, a blasted voyeur! Oh God, where did I leave my clothes?
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